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Eavestrough Installation In Ottawa

Are you looking to improve the exterior of your home? Just as an interior decorator can help with style and colour choices, a skilled consultant at Kaloozie Comfort can guide you through outdoor options.


With over 40 years of experience, we can help you balance your investment with long-term plans and expected ROI. Our eavestrough installation services in Ottawa are a particular area of expertise.


One of our offerings is vinyl siding, which delivers impressive performance with minimal upkeep. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also offers robust protection. The vibrant colour panels and natural shade lines mimic the appearance of natural wood, giving your home a polished look. Our eavestrough installation services complement the siding perfectly, reinforcing the protection of your home. Trust us to simplify these decisions for you.

Seamless Eavestrough

seamless eavestrough

What’s it all about?

Protect your home’s foundation from water damage with Kaloozie Comfort’s custom drainage troughs. Our expert installation will effectively move rain and melting snow away to a safe spot in your yard.


Choose from a wide variety of colours to achieve a custom look for your home. We use a 5″ seamless eavestrough with internal mounting clips over 12 inches and 3×3″ square down-pipes for optimal water flow.


Our commitment to improving water-flow design ensures vital areas are protected from icy patches during winter. Rest easy with our 20-year warranty on materials and 10-year warranty on labour for all eavestrough installations.

What to consider when choosing which material to use

Each product has a purpose…

There are many options to choose from depending on desired improvement as well as budget.  Closing the gap between your homes energy efficiency and today’s standard will control and

cut future energy costs.

What to know…

Homes built prior to 1984 have R12 insulation on exterior walls, however, effective 2015, the code required is an R24.  

  • Different grades and thickness: .03-.05; 
  • Different styles:  vertical, board & batten, shakes or  horizontal in many widths;
  • Materials: Cement Board, Aluminum, Wood Composite and Vinyl.


We have an unparalleled selection of colour siding in Ottawa. Choosing the right one is an important step in your project, which is why we offer such an extensive colour selection for all types of houses.   




   Check out this great video on Siding!

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